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LC Acoustics Delivers Complete Acoustics & Audiovisual Design To Tarabhchi – Stammberger Institute

TSESI Tarabichi is regional medical institute established in Dubai, UAE that has been envisaged to provide best in class health, wellbeing and medical services specializing in the field of ENT and Otolaryngology. The 40,000-plus square foot structure located in the district of Umm Al Sheif, Emirates of Dubai – UAE, is right over the main highway D63 (Umm Suqeim St) and in close proximity to several of the most desirable neighborhoods and landmarks of Dubai (Jumeirah, Marine, JBR, TCOM, Business Bay, Burj Al Arab and the Mall of the Emirates).

The Site

The site is located on the D63 (Umm Suqeim St), this site is a multi-level building with a mix of open-plan and closed and acoustically distinguishable spaces.

Main entrance, meet & greet / reception are situated at the ground floor level. There are waiting lounges and other guest relations stations are situated here as well. Some of the back-office services are also located at this level. The spiral shaped staircase connects the ground level lobby to basement and the mezzanine level. An elevator system is also featured that connect all levels.

Designated clinics are situated at ground level while procedure rooms, operation theatres and day-care rooms are located at first level of the building. The basement has BOH services, staff amenities such as canteen, gym and so on. Certain MEP services are also situated here. Mezzanine level hosts waiting lobbies and F&B / Coffee shop for visitors and guests.

The Challenges

High levels of external noise from adjacencies specially from the highway was one of the issues that was addressed by LC Acoustics Design Services Group. Furthermore, the main atrium with triple height was a large and highly reverberant space.

Specialty clinics for the ENT required acoustic balance in addition to general the sound transmission control and preservation of privacy.

Acoustic comfort was also at the forefront of the overall design regime specifically, at the common spaces such as reception waiting lounges, café, day care, all consulting clinics, procedure rooms and operation theaters.

From the research and education aspect of the institute the client “Dr. Moaz Tarabichi” had very specific requirements… “to enable the institute with state-of-art audiovisual and collaboration technology that is practical, extremely user friendly and future ready”. Added to that the client required interactive technology to stream high definition audio and video of specific live training sessions and procedures over encrypted internet protocol across the world. Overall, the AV communication of one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one during lectures, surgical procedures and other clinical routines has also been part of the design development.

The patient wellness management and nurse-call was another design requirement that should deliver seamless, precise, and easy services to respective unit staff and their fleets. Simply no room for failure!

LC Acoustics -- Designed and Delivered!

After exhaustive research, extensive design development, 3D acoustic modeling and full coordination with the master architect and interior designers (STUDIO AK), LC Acoustics had devised custom acoustic surfaces and cladding systems. These custom designed assemblies become integral part of the ID features and help achieve the requried acoustic ambience, controlled reverberant field and highest possible levels of acoustic comfort in the main atrium that the architect envisaged for this space.

The Façade system design has been developed to achieve highest possible levels of noise reduction to ensures the internal environment of the institute remains acoustically isolated from external traffic noise.

All clinics have been specifically designed with composite party wall assemblies to achieve highest levels of sound transmission control between rooms. Doors have been designed with saddles and seals and HVAC system has been coordinated to control sound transmission through flanking ascertain the desired privacy levels.

The audiovisual system has been laid over dedicated point-to-point link as well as for VoIP. The infrastructure and transmission shall allow transmission of 4K video content to multiple points in the building. Certain critical services have been designed to comply with quality and performance parameters that are essential in medical industry.

Streaming audiovisual content over local network and internet has also been one of the functional requirements. A high-definition streaming service has been conceptualized in the design of audiovisual system that has been coordinated with IT and data network infrastructure design of the project. Through streaming service, the client intends to distribute video content to remote locations within the building and to the outside endpoints via secure internet protocol. The streaming service adheres to administrative privileges for allowing the broadcast of stream. Standard ICT security guidelines have been coordinated with the ICT design development of this project.

It is to note that for some of the specialized spaces such as clinics, examination rooms, and specifically for the operation theater, have been designed with medical-precision audiovisual equipment in line with the usage of those spaces. These components include cameras, video displays and processors. These enhanced audiovisual sub-systems shall allow users to capture, record and broadcast A/V content to designated observation locations within the building and / or externally via encrypted network and internet services.

The project is in its final stages of construction and fit out. The TARABHCHI – STAMMBERGER INSTITUTE will soon be open to render quality specialized healthcare services to its customers.

...Yet another medical services and health facility project acoustics, audiovisual and control technology designed by LC Acoustics!

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