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Kurdistan Museum

Erbil - Iraq



Museums & Exhibitions

Citadel, Erbil


Kurdistan Regional Government


Acoustic Assessment, Architectural Acoustic Design, Noise & Vibration Control Design, Façade Acoustic Design, Sound Transmission & Privacy Management



Situated at the base of the ancient Citadel, in the center of Erbil, Iraq, the 150,000 square-foot museum will feature exhibition spaces for both permanent and temporary exhibitions, a lecture theatre, state-of-the-art multimedia educational resources, an extensive digital archive of Kurdish historical assets, as well as community center and landscaped outdoor spaces for public use.


LC Acoustics scope included full acoustic design, electroacoustic design, sound bleeding control, noise and vibration design, sound transmission control, and privacy management. A unique architecture with crisscross connections between exhibits and acoustic zones induced immense challenge to achieve privacy and prevention of sound bleeding between exhibits. LC Acoustics used directional loudspeakers as well as custom designed scatters / diffusers to manage the sound bleeding concerns.

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